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Displaying Link from Database in Repeating Group Using Different Database

I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past couple of days and can’t seem to get anywhere!

I have two databases/datatypes set up in my Bubble app. One is called “Leasing” which includes property management information and the other is called “Apartments” which includes details on various listings. The overlap between both databases is the property management company field.

I currently have a repeating group set up to show apartment listings from the Apartments database based on user input into a search field. I am now trying to get a link from the Leasing database to display in each listing of the repeating group based on the property management company. I figured I can match the property management company between the two databases to determine which link should appear. My issue is that I can’t get the link to display.

I’ve been looking at some of the questions on the Bubble forum and tried to include Leasing as a type field in the Apartments database but still couldn’t get the link to appear.

Here are some screenshots of how I’ve set up the database and tried to pull the link in. I think the last part is where I’m fumbling. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey JP :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the editor? It looks like the dynamic data is set up correctly - do your Apartment entries have Leasing fields that aren’t empty?

Yep here’s the link:

All the Leasing fields are also empty in my Apartment database.

Thanks for taking a look!

It looks like the data is correctly set up, but nothing is showing up in preview mode because the Leasing Field within every Apartment entry is empty. For example, your repeating group is doing a search for Apartments. The expression Apartment’s Leasing’s Links is asking Bubble to 'show me the Leasing’s Link data that is within this Current cell’s Apartment". Since there is no Leasing data within any Apartment’s Leasing field - nothing will show up.

Adding a Leasing to an Apartment can’t be done manually in the App Data view, so the easiest way to do this is to create a page within the editor so that you can make these changes in preview mode through workflows. For example, I created a page called ‘admin’ with two dropdowns (below):

The left dropdown does a search for Apartments (with the constraint that that Apartment’s Leasing field is currently empty) and displays the address within the dropdown. Beneath that, is a text element which shows the Management Company field of that Apartment. On the right side is a dropdown that does a search for Leasings, and displays the Management company from that leasing. This just allows us to correctly assign a Leasing (management company, links) to every Apartment. To make the change to the selected Apartment, the button has the following workflow:

This workflow is Making Changes to a Thing (The Selected Apartment on the Left dropdowns)'s Leasing field. The Leasing field that it is ‘filled’ is the Leasing selection from the right-side dropdown. After the workflow is complete, the Apartment now has a Leasing field that isn’t empty. This will allow you to use the expression in your Apartment repeating group “Current cell’s Apartment’s Leasing’s Links” (shown below):

And app data will look like this:

(The Leasing field now has a ‘unique ID’ which links the Apartment to the Leasing, instead of being empty).

And that should allow you to dynamically display the Property Management Link in the Apartment repeating group! Please feel free to let me know if any of this was confusing or if you have any questions. :slight_smile:


Thanks Faye! Your explanation is great and really helpful. It sounds like if I upload a new batch of listings each week though, I will have to manually assign the leasing link to each new listing? In that case do you think it might be faster to just manually add it as a data type to the Apartments database before I upload it into Bubble?

Thanks for your help!


No problem at all! :blush: Yes I think that would be best if are manually uploading listings each week.