Creating a Data Type giving it a name


I have created a Data type and gave it a name when i go to app data there is a S added to the name when i go back to

this happend a couple of times is there a reason?

The data type defines the Thing, then the App data shows all the Things you have stored. In your case you should probably have a data type “Bet” with fields for the User, Race, Date, Amount, etc. Then your App data will have a table “Bets” with columns for the data you chose, storing all the bets users make. You may have another data type “Race” which records when the race occurs, on which track, etc. It may look something like the screens below.
bet type bets race type races

I hope that points you in the right direction.

Note: the way I mocked it up each race stores a link to the Bets that were in that race, so what you see is a unique ID for that record, whereas each Bet only stores a text field with the name of the race. Don’t let that confuse you, most likely you would use links in both cases. I just didn’t complete the linking.

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