How to change the 'datatype' name?

hi guys,

So I was creating an app wide search for my website using this video:

Now here, she is using dropdown menu option. We need to add static choices as the datatypes we have created which will be shown.

I have added pretty programmer like datatypes - user, link, etc

I wanted to change the datatypes name to more user friendly names like reader, article etc (mine is a readers’ based app)

But when I click on the ‘user’ datatype, it simply selects and doesn’t allow me to change the name.

Is there a way out here?

The user data type comes with every app and it is the only data type you can’t change its name. You can create another data type with similar fields.

oh, can’t delete and create new one, it’s too risky to do that…I’ll have to change the whole app :frowning:

You are right. You can’t delete this data type as this is attached to every app and it is a main data type. Even if you create a similar one you might run into issues with sign up and login process. In conclusion, you can’t rename this data type because many things is linked to this data type. You can make fields in this data type and make it user friendly. Just consider every user is a reader and work from there.

Yeah, I guess I have no other option as such now. Thanks a lot for clarifying!

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