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Creating a Details Page


I’ve been stuck on one problem for several days now. Here’s the situation:

I’m trying to create a simple application for inventory tracking. I want the user to be able to add locations, and then assign specific inventory items to the locations that they have. For example, a restaurant owner owns 5 different restaurants. When they sign up, they’ll be able to add those 5 locations to the system and create different supplies (plates, paper towels, bread etc) that they can add to one or more locations. I’m struggling to figure out the best, cleanest, simplest way to set this up.

What I’ve done so far is create a section where they can add different supplies (using a simple form that adds it to a repeating group) and then another section where they can add locations (also using a simple form and repeating group). Then my plan was to add to the ‘create supply’ form a field that asks what location(s) they’d want to add it to. Then add a ‘View details’ button to the repeating group for locations so that the user can click the button, and see the supplies and details for a specific location.

The problem that has had me stuck for three days is I can’t figure out how to give each location their own ‘Details Page’ where the user can get to it by clicking the view button in the location’s repeating group. I can only get it to show data from all the locations on the one page.

Does that make sense?

I’ve watched all of the relevant videos, read through the forum, did the lessons etc. and nothing could hit on my exact problem.

If you think I’m on the right path with how I’m designing the app, please let me know how to solve that problem I’ve been stuck on. Or, if you think there is a much cleaner, more simple way to construct the app than what I’m doing, I would appreciate that advice as well!

If I can get this to all work, you guys definitely have a paying customer!

Thanks so much

Is you “details page” set up to have a “type of content” of location ?

Then in the repeating group your button can navigate to that page, sending the Current Cell’s Location.

Yep, I have a Type made called Locations and then I set the Details Page type of content os the Locations type.

Then I tried adding a group to the details page, then adding text fields and inserting dynamic data ‘current cell’s location’. Is there a similar example somewhere I could look at? If I could see a similar use case I’m pretty sure I could figure it out; I know I’m probably just doing something small wrong that’s throwing everything off.

What is it you are trying to display on the Details Page ?

The Location, or the Location Detail ?

Is that in the Repeating Group ? Or is it a Group ?