Creating a dropdown or list of existing Bubble App pages

Hi everyone,

I wondering if anyone could tell me if this is possible and maybe how.

I’ve created an app which is fairly big with a number of pages. I would like to the admins of the app the ability to create/change the menu system in the app. I’ve created or the database and have the process working fine to execute that.

What’s needed
I would just like to improve the user experience, at the moment the admin have to copy and paste the page URL to create a menu. I would like to present a dropdown list or a repeating group to display all the current pages in the app. (Kinda like the dropdown list you get when you create a workflow - Navigate to page and then you can select from the dropdown an existing page)

I thought that this would be quite easy and maybe I’m missing something obvious, but if someone could give me direction that would be very helpful.

Many Thanks.

Hi @register,

I, too, have thought it would be useful to have access to aspects of the Bubble “environment”, such as the list of site pages. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a way to do that - not even via plugin - but maybe someone else will chime in with the answer.

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Are these pages ones that you create or ones that the user is creating?

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