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How can I dynamically display all of the Bubble pages in a repeating group?

I’m trying to build a page that allows a user to add the Bubble pages to a menu location (e.g. header menu). but I don’t see a way to target/search for all of the pages. The menu location is a repeating group that is shown on all pages.

Is this possible?

You can create a new object that stores the address to each page. If you don’t want to do this manually, each time a page is loaded, grab the URL, remove the attributes, and store the address. In the menu, display the list of pages you stored in your new class of objects.

If you can, provide more details about your use case as the above solution might not be what you’re looking for.

That makes sense, but how would I dynamically get the pages into the object/data type when I create a new bubble page?

You can grab the content of the URL as follows:

Store that somewhere and process the URL on page load. Note that this only happens during runtime, and not as you are developing.

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You’d need to visit them at least once though. This is more useful for breadcrumbs, not for site maps