Creating a grid with dynamic number of columns/rows

Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing with Bubble and really enjoyed it so far!
I’m trying to build an app for my personal use to learn. I would like to map my bottles of wine in my boxes. I’m trying to do that:


  • I’d like to add boxes (grey areas) with a number of columns/rows set by the user
  • I’d like to add a bottle at a given position in a box. All slots are shown, but I’d change the information whether there is a bottle (green circle in the picture) or not (red cross).

I’ve been trying to make something work with repeating group, without any success. Based on what I’ve found in this forum, I tried with List aswell, but it doesn’t really suit what I’m trying to achieve.
My best guess is that it’s not possible without building a custom component, but I thought I should ask for help first.

Thank you,

As a proof of concept perhaps this is one way to approach it:

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Hope this helps! :+1:

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Thank you very much cmarchan, it does help!

There is no way to build multi-dimension repeating group I guess, but it’s good enough for my personal use (since I know how my boxes look).


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