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Creating a List with a Custom State

Edit #2:

I tried approaching the problem a different way and I feel like I am closer to a solution, but haven’t quite figured out the logic. I need the custom state to create a list with the exact number of inputs that I have. Thus, if I have five inputs, I need the custom state to create a list with five numbers.

If the value of the first input changes, the first item in the custom state list is replaced with the new value. If the value of the fourth input changes, the fourth item in the custom state list is replaced with the new value. I suspect this uses the current cell’s index reference, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

So right now I have a repeating group with an item and a slider input (for quantity). When the user adjusts the slider input to a value greater than zero, the item is added to a custom state list (“Added Item”). If the user adjusts the slider input back to zero, the item is removed from the custom state. To the side, I have another repeating group that displays the Added Item’s names in a list. That works great and I have no problem with it.

In addition to displaying the Added Item’s name, I would like to display the slider input’s value to show the quantity of the item currently selected. I do not want to do this using the database - the idea of the app is that the user might adjust several items’ slider inputs multiple times, and I don’t want an entry created every time there is a change. I have tried using a custom state like I did for the Added Item’s name, but I have experienced several problems. Any suggestions on how to create a list that shows both the Added Item’s Name and the slider input’s value?

Edited to Attach Screenshots of App and Workflow:

App Display:

Adding Items to List Using Custom State:

Removing Items from List Using Custom State:

Displaying Text in Repeating Group:

Never found a good way using full custom state for an order. Even when all your “added items” are ready to be ordered, bubble doesn’t have a workflow to create dynamic things (natively).

So my advice is, put a button to submit every time the order made then pass it to database. You could also check this video : Bubble Intermediates: Shopping Orders & Collections - YouTube

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