Creating a new style doesn't save

When creating editing an element, applying new styles or conditional styles, then saving as a new style, it resets back to a default style, not saving the new one:



Hey @luke2 - this looks to me like it’s working as intended, unless it worked differently previously, in which case please provide me with the date that you first noticed this behavior!

Thanks @Eve for the reply. Noticed this just today. I’ve always thought it should save the new styling e.g. specified background color, font size…and other properties in a new style including conditional styling rather than save back to a default?

I use to be able to find a already pre-saved style, then remove the style and customise then click the ‘Style’ dropdown and save the new version, but as mentioned, this just reverts the styling back - definitely not what I remember.

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@luke2 Would you mind shooting us an email at or filling out a bug report so that we can track this with our team? Thanks in advance!

Sure thing Eve. Just submitted, bug report:



Seems to be fixed now and looking back at the releases, was a few days ago…


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