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Problems Saving and applying styles?

Before I submit a ticket to support I would just like to get some info from the community:

Is anyone else having problems saving and seeing style changes?

I don’t seem to have a problem on my macbook air, but I do see the issue on windows.

If you think it’s a bug the best way is to file a bug report (

definitely will. just thought I would gather more info for you guys first.

I actually have a similar issue on Windows, I can reproduce pretty regularly but I can also fix it immediately. Any time I apply a new style to text, it says “saving” for a long time, until the “saving” text turns red. Nothing ends up working for a bit, so I end up refreshing to see that the style (and anything done after the style) didn’t take. A few more tries and it works.

@vega.andrew if you want to file the bug report, that’s great. I’ll let you do it :slight_smile: