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Creating a payment due date

I am trying to create a due date based on the day of the week, but I’m having a hard time making it workout. In my database I have a data field named completion date that I need to add a certain amount of days to create a date for another field called due date.

The amount of days added is based on the day of the week (completion date), if the day is Monday I will add 15 days, if the day is Tuesday I will add 14 days and so on until Sunday where 9 days will be added.

When I use the extract day feature it doesn’t seem to work because the new date for the due date field is not created in the database and Sunday has a number of 0 for the extract day instead of 7th day

Could you post a link to your editor so that community members can look at it and try to help out? In general, this makes it a whole lot easier for others to jump in and help.

I haven’t tried the extract day functionality, but it sounds like the days are indexed as 0 to 6 = Sunday to Saturday. But I could be wrong.

As for the lack of saving - are you sure your workflow is set up appropriately? Like @sridharan.s says, a link would be helpful for diagnosis.

I solved the problem it’s working now. I was using 7 and not 0 for Sunday and the day was Sunday. Thanks for the replies @sridharan.s and @christoff12