Weekend day from Date/time picker & Calendar in database

Hi !
Is there a way to save in the database that it’s the weekend when a date is a saturday or a sunday ?
I am doing a timesheet and my data is as following :
Event name . from Date. to Date weekend(yes/no)

I woud like to be able to say when date is a saturday or a sunday. say yes in weekend field.
Do you have an idea on how I could do that?

If somebody is asking himself this quesiton too:

I found a solution: Extract the day of the date/time picker value:
it will be as followed:
Monday = 1
Tuesday = 2
Wednesday = 3
Thursday = 4
Friday= 5
Saturday = 6
Sunday= 0

So when extract day = 6 or 0 Then it’s the weekend :slight_smile: