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Creating a preview from input fields

Hello all,
I’ve not had many bubble hours but am currently trying to create a ‘preview’ page of the users inputs so that the user can decide it they want to ‘submit’ the info or continue to edit the fields. What is the best way to do this?

Should I create a new type that just holds ‘temporary values’ and then ‘delete’ it somehow?

Any links I should be looking at?

Thanks very much for any help.

Yes, I would say that storing your inputs as you go along would be the thing to do.

So, you create the database entry on page load, but have a “status” field as well. The preview page could then set this status to “complete” when they are happy.

If you filter anything downstream to only display “complete” entries, you can exclude the incompletes. And if you wanted to you could periodically delete them all with an admin button.

Hope that helps. Happy to put something up on the forum app to show you if not.


Thanks Nigel. I’ll try it out. Perhaps instead of the preview option I would give the creators an option to edit their entries that way I will not have to worry about the maintenance. Is there a way to give creators an option to edit entries? Is there any link to refer to?

Thanks again

What Nigel is suggesting is editing, with a twist: one of the fields makes the entry visible/invisible in the “public” list of previews. There is no particular editing option, but easy to create with an Input component and a Save button.

Thanks George!

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Unless I’m missing something, you can just create a hidden group or popup element that reads the user’s input fields and displays them in the hidden element upon pressing a Preview button (which you would set up a simple show/hide workflow to do). In that Preview mode, you could offer ability to Edit or Save, or keep not simple and just let them Close and return to edit mode.

As long as the input fields are just basic “text input” then that is fine.

But there are a number of situations, like when you have multiple selections (so lists or checkboxes), that storing input data as you go along helps you manage editing.

It really depends on the input data. Showing a popup with an option would be a simpler option.

But it did seem like Jacobvar wanted a “page” for the preview rather than an overlay. And was trying to help with that.

I did have only text input at this point, so Edd’s solution could well work. Seems simpler. But I would have preferred a page vs. popup.

Thanks for the tips guys, you’ve been very helpful.

Yes, if you want a page you would need to save the data. The pop up is much simpler.