Creating An App With Multiple Workspaces


I’m building a project manager app that has multiple workspaces, like basecamp, asana, etc. Users can sign up, create workspaces, create projects and invite other users to join their workspaces. Each workspace has its own data and content created by the users of that workspace.

1 - How can I make each workspace has its own data (projects and tasks) created by team members like on asana, slack,etc.?

2 - How can I allow users join multiple workspaces and invite other users?

This is all on how you will create your DB.
DB: User, Workspace, Projects
Workspace will have a link to User for created, invited… (you may have multiple kind of invited according to different rights you want them to allow (edit, view for example)

Projects will be linked to WS

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A good way to do it would be so it sends them to the Users ID Page (such as (EXAMPLE) This will be easier as the users can send invites and it would be easier just to do “Current Page User’s” and when someone gets invited it makes it visible. I’m not very experienced with it but that could help.

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@Jici @vexxdistributions
Hello. Thanks for your answers, but how can I save a project to a workspace and a workspace to a user?
In order for a user to be able to access a workspace and then see its projects and tasks… ?

This is all in your privacy setting, DB, filter…
For example, I will use three page: A main page where user will see all projects. Two main repeating table: My Workspace, Workspace shared with me
My workspace will use a search for workspace where creator = current user
Workspace shared with me will use a search for workspace where sharedtouser contain current user
On a click on a ws, this will go to the projects page and send data to page current workspace cell.
A repeating table will show all project where workspace = current page workspace (set page data type on workspace). You can also create /add more filter to show only projects created by this user for example.

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