Team Account and multiple users

Hi everyone,
I’d like to create an app with the same kind of features than slack. An administrator could create his own workspace and invite his team to share personal data on this workspace.
This is why I need to to do like a team account with different users (administrator or not) inside this team account. I already seen such posts like but I’m actually very new and I didn’t understand any answers :confused:
Thank you for your help <3

What part are you getting stuck on? Or are you looking for a freelancer to build it for you? I’m not sure what you’re asking for in your post, sorry!

Hello Thanks for your answer. I cant hire a freelance so im trying by myself. I am stuck at the very begining : How can a user create a team Space and invite other users in this team ?
Because right now my app provide personal space but only for each different user not a same one for a team

Have a “Space” data type and an “Invited User” data type.

The user creates the spaces, and adds email addresses of the people they want to invite. You add these into the “Invited User” table = email address and the relevant Space.


Ping an email to all the addresses, asking them to login.

On the signup page, check to see if the entered email address is already on the “Invited User” page. If it is then as part of the login set them up so they can edit the space. Then delete the pending invite.



Examples above are slightly more complex, as you can be invited to multiple groups before signup.

Hello thank you very much for your detailed answer but I don’t know how to link a new user to an existing team…
For now the administrator creates a team by inputing a team name and then send invites but I don’t know how can the invites can be linked to the existing team :confused: like here the invited guy creates an account by signing up but I don’t know how can he join the team I link my actual workflow if my text is inintelligible

Sorry for being that noob :’(

Have you done the tutorials yet ? Have a look at the one on lists.

On your Workspace you need a LIST of invited users.

And a LIST of Users.