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Creating an Email Newsletter Signup

I am trying to create a simple email newsletter sign up. I do not want people to have to sign in, log in, or create an account on my site. I just want to give them the option to input their email address and receive a weekly email newsletter. I have created an [email protected] email address through Gsuite.

How do I go about having their email input sent to either mailchimp or sendgrid so I can gather an email list?

Doesn’t matter if the user (or no user) is logged in, just create a new thing called “List Subscriber” or something.

A List Subscriber has fields for email (a text) and anything else you want (perhaps a first name or any other parameters you want to collect in exchange for the email).

Now all of your mailing list folks are just:

Do a search for… List Subscribers (no constraints).

You can also just export that from the database at any time. So, you can do bulk emails the way it’s usually done in enterprise scenarios. (Believe it or not, there’s rather a lack of automation in enterprise marketing departments… “Time for a mass mailing… export the list from SFCD and upload it to SendGrid!”)

You don’t need access to API Workflows to do this, etc.


If you’re not interested in managing newsletter logic from your Bubble app, you should just let an email marketing service take care of it for you. There are a bunch out there that keep things simple enough so that you’re just focused on writing your email content and scheduling the sends.

Many many others

These all have free or super low intro plans and you can grow from there. Nowadays, all these things have really easy to use form and email builders. You’ll get a short code to embed the form anywhere you want (including a page in your Bubble app), and visitors can enter their info and they’re instantly added to the subscriber list in your Mailchimp (or whatever) account. From there, you just worry about creating and scheduling the emails there (not in your app).

Just my two cents - if you’re not looking to re-invent the wheel, and you’re clearly not needing to tie email subscribers to users in your app, then I’d just integrate with a service that will make the whole thing easier/better for you. Having spent a lot of time working on the marketing end of people’s Bubble apps myself, at some point, you’ll want more customization and more automation that you can adjust quickly. Just start now. The newsletter is a support item of your app’s core product (unless… you’re selling email marketing services…? probably not), so let another service take care of it for you so you can focus on what’s important.

Yes, you can definitely collect emails as Keith suggested, (input for name, input for email, button to trigger a “Create New Thing” action > save input values to Thing’s fields) and you can certainly send emails to those addresses, but you’ll either have to “Design” the emails in Bubble (not the most pleasant unless you’re fine with completely plain text) or integrate with one of these services anyway to send the collected addresses.

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Hello @romanmg.
I am trying to do exactly what you just suggested.

I want to have two fields on my bubble landing page. One field is for the user’s name, and one is for their email, where that information is sent over to Mailchimp, and Mailchimp will send out the welcome email.

I am having difficulties, and no YouTube video can seem to help me out. Do you think you would be able to point me in a better direction?

Sunniest regards,
Antonio :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: