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My app is a job board and I post several new jobs per day. I want to setup a newsletter where users can get all new jobs sent to them in a single email each day. My plan was to store each sign up as a user and then have a button that I could press each day to send the email to all users. My concern is if this is scalable? e.g. if I have 1000+ users, will bubble struggle to send 1000 emails at the same time or will it just crash? Alternatively, is there any way to do this with Sendgrid or Mailchimp that there is a template setup and it pulls the data across from Bubble?

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


Sign the user up with Mailchimp or anything similar and setup workflows.

This might be helpful to you as it sets up a job board:

Thanks for these things. @nocodeventure do you mean to sign them up as a user in Bubble? If I was to sign them up to a Mailchimp list, would I be able to get the job data into Mailchimp somehow?

Thanks again

You can add workflows in Mailchimp, you can also use the API to setup email workflows.

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Although sendgrid is hard to work with in terms of formatting, I’ve been sending several thousand emails per day for the last year with no issues.


Thanks for this. Could Sendgrid pull data from Bubble in this way though? Or even pull the items from an RSS feed?

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