Creating an input by clicking a row of a repeating list

Hello -

I’m trying to create an invitation functionality where a Host will invite a Co-Host (already registered).

I have it set up where the host can search through a list of registered users via an input field and a “Group Focus” box with a repeating list will appear upon typing.

When they find their desired Co-Host I wanted the Host to be able to click that row and the username (not the email) will appear in the original input box.

There’s no action to set the value of an input directly, but you can set a dynamic default value and then reset the input to that value.

  • First, the input needs to be inside of a Group (because you’ll use the Reset a group action
  • Set up a state somewhere to save the username you want to display (you can save the state anywhere outside of the Repeating Group, such as on the input itself)
  • When a user clicks the row in your repeating group, set the value of the state to the username saved on that cell’s user
  • Then use the Reset a Group action to reset the group containing the input

Thank you let me give that a try. Here the inputs I’m trying to save:

Title [Input field]
Category [Dropdown field]
Co-Host [Input Field]
Start Date [Date/Time Field]
Start Time [Date/Time Field]
Hashtags [Multi-Selector Input]
Description [Multi-Input Field]

Once all of those fields are filled in I will create a new Virtual Pub and save all of the elements. Where I’m having the issue is allowing a user to first search for the user, then select the user and having the desired username appear in the “Co-Host” input field.