How to update an input element with data from a repeating group?

I have an input element and a repeatable group.

The input element populates the repeatable group with user data.

This is working great so far.

Now I want the name of a populated user to be stored inside the input element when one of the repeating groups is clicked.

The idea being that users can search AND select a value, instead of just searching. See here:

But I don’t know how to update the text in the input element when a repeatable group is clicked . None of the workflows allow for that.

Any ideas?

When the row for the repeating group is clicked, set a state to hold the value of that cell (the User I think is what you’re going for?). Then on the input, set the initial content to be that states value (which would be something about the User).


Thanks for the suggestion.

I have implemented as per below, but the input field does not show the First Name when the User Group is clicked.

It continues to only show the text that was typed by the user into the input, but I’m trying to have the input text replaced by the First Name from the repeating User Group that was clicked.

The Input:

The Workflows:

Not the placeholder… the initial content.

Thanks for clarification, unfortunately changing that did not make a difference. I also tried putting it in the placeholder and the initial content at the same time, but no dice.

In your workflow for clicking the repeating group cell, add a step to “reset data” … you should group the input and then you can reset data on the group. Make sure to do this before you set the state. That should fix it.

Just before you set the custom state, are you able to use the “reset inputs” action? to clear it


Or if that doesn’t work, perhaps you can run a JavaScript action (under elements) if you have Toolbox installed that looks like the below. This implies that you’ve set the Input’s element id to “search_input”

document.getElementById("search_input").value = '';


Got it working!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

For anyone else that comes along needing help, my solution was to use a combination of the techniques above AND to remove some conditionals on my repeating group that were messing things up.

If you’ve got conditionals setup and things aren’t working, try removing them to see what happens.

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