Creating an order

I was following along the uber/postmates and the video is different from Bubble in lesson 8. There is no “Create if new” or something like that. Ultimately, I just want to create an order. I just need it for one customer. It doesn’t have to be multiple orders.

You can use create a thing (I believe that’s the name). And, if you only want it to run when, say, the thing doesn’t yet exist then add a condition: when search (for thing): count = 0 …this way it’ll only run the action when the thing doesn’t yet exist.

So, same outcome, but new way of doing it.

Hey I appreciate the response, though I’m still struggling with the workflows of when a customer places an order. At that point, I’m not sure what I am suppose to put in. FYI, I have ZERO coding or technical stuff. I understand that I’m suppose to link it to something, but I’m not quite sure what that is.

For my app that I am making, I only want to have one user order one thing at a time.

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