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Creating Default Content

Hi there!

I’m fairly new to Bubble but my app is basically a table of records. So, I want to include an example record (a data thing) for every new user.

I’ve created a workflow so that every time a new user signs up, they automatically create a new record with some default settings.


  • Name = Michael Scott
  • Job Title = Regional Manager
  • Company = Dunder Mifflin

This works fine when the fields are text as I can just write them into the workflow. But one of the fields is a Featured Photo. In the workflow manager, this doesn’t bring up the option to manually upload a photo as a default.

I’m not sure if I’m being blind and missing an obvious option?

When a user signs up, I want to automatically create a new data thing with an image already added to an image field.

Can anyone help?

If it’s a static image (i.e. it will be the same image for every user), then you can just enter the url.

If it’s dynamic then you’ll need to make sure you have your available images stored in your database somewhere (or an option set) and then reference one of those.

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I second this. This i believe is what you are looking for. Upload the image somewhere and reference that URL.

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Would a base 64 image work in this context? They could store that in the DB as text.

You could encode the image here if you went this route

I believe so. You can even have a picture upload element with a static image that is hidden and disabled. You can then reference that in the workflow…

…Yeahp, that’ll do it!

Just the URL :man_facepalming:

Maybe there’s something to note for UX/UI but I’d have never guessed the functionality to pull images from URLs was in there if I hadn’t been told. I was wondering if I needed an API or plug-in or something to do that!

Sometimes the answers to our complex ideas are simpler than we think :man_facepalming:

I have ran into this multiple times using Bubble. Which is a great thing haha.

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