Default Image value

So the issue is rather simple and I can’t find a way around it. I have a pictureuploader in my app. User has to add details and image to the form. Now Its not possible that he’d always have a pic to upload, so I need a default value for image to be put in database. I have already added a default value to the database

Now I am only trying to add the image if the user has already uploaded one with adding a condition.

If the user doesn’t upload the image, the picture uploader sends it as empty. Now I need to know either how to add the default image to the picture uploader (it shows on the screen but sends an empty value) or how to add images to a filed directly from the workflow.

Rather than uploading the same default image over and over for each user that doesn’t have an image, why not just show the default image instead of the users image in those spots in your app where you show the users image in the case that they don’t have an image saved?

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Thanks so much, this solves the issue

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