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I am working on an application where certain type of users can collaborate and perform projects online. I am currently figuring out what’s the best way to set-up the different roles. My app will have 5 types of users (bronze freelancer, silver freelancer, gold freelancer, clients and admin)

In short, in the app the freelancers will work with clients in designated project groups of clients. Since the app is private, all accounts will be setup by the admin (me), and I will customize the project groups containing the clients and the freelancers.

In order to do so, what a user (general) can see or cannot see is based on their type. Is the easiest way to define the User through " Field for type User" with a yes/no, or to create 5 different custom data types?

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I have a field called ‘role’ on the user and just use text to define roles. (Admin, client etc). I have a lot more roles than I initially anticipated so having a yes no didn’t work for me. Also, this way you only have to refer to one field to set user permissions.

I use the same field to set the data privacy.


@vincent56 Thanks! it works!

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