Creation of three types of users

I would like to make a page that has 3 types of user roles: Super Admin (there’s only one), Sub Admin, and User (called either a “Player” or “Specialty”).

One way would be to create a field on the User for Admin of type “yes/no” and then give users privileges based on if that is a yes or a no. I could feasibly have two of these fields on User data type, one for “Super Admin” and one for “Sub Admin”.

How to do this from login page onwards?
Here is a link my login page:

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I know there are many ways to do this. Just one way that I do it is by making a field for the user called userType and then setting it to text.

Then you can assign them by saying ‘admin’,’ subAdmin’, ‘player’, or ‘specialty’.

Does that make sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I’ve started using option sets for things like this instead of text. I was finding myself forgetting what text values were required and/or capitalization etc.

Using the option sets allows me to basically have a ‘drop down’ selection for these values instead of needing to type the text values, plus I never forget the text necessary.


I always forget we have that feature now. Thanks for the reminder. I’m so old school bubble. Haha. :blush:


Thanks for the suggestion(s). How to use option sets?

Option sets are in the Data tab.

Thanks. I created the set:

How to put it to use?

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Make a data field on one of your data types to be of the type of the option set you created. Then it is is used like any other data field.

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