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Hi All,

Are there any tools or tips/recommendations for creating documentation for an app built on Bubble? I have been working on our new web app ( basically by myself and haven’t thought much at all about documentation, but I wonder if there is a way to print out to pdf workflows, etc.

Hello Frank,

I thought of the same very recently and made searches but I haven’t come across any. I think it’s one of those things that has to be done manually by the dev.

I’m guessing you want to create the documentation in case you’re passing over the app to a new developer right?

Yes, exactly. I asked for feedback from a few developers on our UI/UX and they asked for the documentation.

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Just use Notion. It’s great for documentation, and… it’s free.


Gitbook is a good one

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Yeah and if you use Notion, you might want to try out HelpKit

I use confluence and Jira.

Jira to list the work and confluence pages with a “how to” on my build notes.

I have templates for API’s and database elements.

As I build in a new feature or modify a workflow, I pop a link in the bubble element notes with the address for the Jira the work relates to. That way I can see the element in Bubble with a full history of the Jira used to create plus all the modifications.

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