Creating New Data (Things) Multiple

when I start a tournament I want to create total games being played and make a Thing (GAME).

In a 64 bracket I can have up to 127 games played. Is it possible to make 127 things with the click of a button or do I have to do them individually?

Yes possible…various ways to do…one way that should work is doing a recursive api workflow

Will have to look that one up. Thanks

It isn’t too complicated. There are some threads about it to follow. They are basically regular workflows that are capable of being schedule ( in the case of a button click to schedule; schedule it using ‘current date/time’ so it starts immediately )

Then the recursive part means you will put into the workflow a step to schedule the same api workflow…it basically tells itself to start itself at the end of the flow

On the last step, where you schedule the api workflow to run itself, put a conditional to only do it up to the number of things you need; in your case 127 games

Thanks. Do you think it would be a fairly fast process? I have a few small fields of data to fill in from a list and the Data Thing.

Fast process to create them? Yes…you can schedule the workflow to run immediately and then when scheduling the API to run itself (the recursive part) you can schedule it for 1 second or 2 seconds later…then it should take if you choose to schedule after 2 seconds roughly ( 127 entries multiply by 2 seconds ) 4-5 minutes to complete.

Fast process to understand how to set it up and set things up to work properly? That is really up to how fast you are able to do it and your existing understanding of bubble.

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