Creating LIST of things, whenever a new thing (on other Type) is created

I want bubble to create a list of 10 things of a Type, when a user hits a “Create” button, is there such an action?

(not talking about “Add” or “Remove” on a list field)

Please search the forum for ‘schedule api workflow on a list’. This has been covered extensively.

edit: didn’t you ask the same thing a while back? I found this while searching for what you are asking:

As for an answer, this should help you out:

Trying to find a straight answer with clear step by step instructions

Check the second link and let me know if something is still unclear.


Hi i checked out that link, this is not the same case i’m dealing with.

Your case is about Creating a lIst from an existing list.

I’m trying to create a list of things whenever a single thing (on a separate Type) is created.

(The list that i want to create will be related as Children to the created thing, if that clarifies more my goal)

How are you determining the list of things you need to create?

I think it’s still the same principle. You create the thing of list and add it to the parent in the same API workflow

It works the same, but you need to get your “list” of 10 in advance and then your API workflow on this list, passing in the “parent”.

You can do this in a few ways -

  1. Create a new data type called “number” and create 10 rows on it
  2. Add the “toolbox” plugin and use the “list” function to create 10 numbers
  3. Search for something you know you have more than 10 of, and limit it to 10 (bit dangerous)

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