Creating notes and categories and allowing users to change the categories

Hi, just struggling on a part of my app.

So its a notes app where users can create note categories then create notes and add them to the category.

Currently this is done by users creating a category then navigating to the category page and creating a note which adds the note to the category that they are currently on.

I’m just wondering if there’s a way the user can add a note to a specific category using a drop down with the list of categories and if the user can reassign a note to a different category again with a dropdown.

Heres my database structure

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 10.24.56

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 10.24.50

Thanks for the help and if my question is unclear just let me know and I’ll be happy to clarify.

Hi there, @bigphil2k6… you can definitely do what you have described, and I think most folks would argue it’s a better user experience because a user is likely thinking, “I want to add a note.” as opposed to, “I want to add a note to this category, so let me go to the category first.”

So, you have a form (obviously) that enables a user to add a note. You are going to add a dropdown to that form, and the dropdown’s Choices style will be Dynamic choices. The Type of choices will be Note Categories, and then you will need a Choices source. There are multiple ways to set up the source, and the easiest one (based on your current set up) is to do a search for Note Categories with a constraint of Created by = Current User. However, just food for thought… you could also consider adding a List of Categories field to the User data type, and you could add a user’s categories to that list as the user creates them. If you went that route, the Choices source for your dropdown would be Current User's List of Categories. Again, just food for thought.

Next, I would add a Category field to the Notes data type, and link it to the Note Categories data type, of course. This field will store the value of the category dropdown when a user creates a note, and it will also be the Default value of the dropdown so a user can see a note’s current category when they view its details.

Finally, if you are already giving users the ability to edit the details of a note, the same dropdown you added above can be used to change a note’s category by saving the dropdown’s new value to the note’s Category field.

Anyway, that’s probably enough to get you going. I hope what I have written makes sense, and I hope it helps you get down a good path.


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Hi Mike, this all looks really good, thanks for the advice, I’ll give it a go and see how I get on.

Thanks again,

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Hi again, I added the notes category field into my notes data type and can assign it with the drop down however I’ can’t update the list of notes in the categories data type to assign this note to a category, and was just wondering if you has any ideas with this.

again thanks for your help so far an apologies for the repeated questions

I’ve attached an image of my updated note data type

That field shouldn’t be a list… it’s just a single category that the user selects for a particular note.

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Ahh right so I have updated it and the user now selects the category from the drop down of user created categories, this then assigns the category to the note.

I’m trying to add the note to the categories list of notes by making a change to a list in note categories but can’t seem to get it working.

I really appreciate all your help so far, it just this last hitch I’m on now

It’s hard to say without seeing it, but it should just be another step in the workflow that creates the note. After you create the note (assuming that is step 1 of the workflow), add a step that makes changes to a thing, and the thing to change is the result of step 1’s category. The change to make should be to add the result of step 1 to the category’s List of Notes in cat.

Hi Mike got it working, thanks for all the help I really appreciate it.


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