Private unlisted and public

I want to create database type of notes in such a way that a user has all the options when it comes to privacy of the notes they create.

I don’t know how to design database for that.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi there, @myflappd… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you might be looking to give users the ability to select a privacy level (i.e., Private, Unlisted, Public) when they create notes in your app. If that is the case, I would likely go about it by using an option set to define the privacy levels, and I would have a privacy level field in my Note data type that is tied to the option set.

With that setup in place, you could give users a dropdown to select a privacy level option from the option set when they create a note (you would save that value in the privacy level field in the Note data type when the note is created, of course), and you could use constraints, filters, and privacy rules to make sure the right notes are shown to the right users.

Any of that make sense and sound like what you are trying to accomplish? Hope so, and I hope it helps.



Thanks for a very thorough explanation @mikeloc This is very helpful. The only part I don’t get is - How would I make something unlisted?

What does it mean for a note to be unlisted? Is it something like deleted or archived where not even the user who created it can see it anymore? To some extent, it doesn’t necessarily matter what it means because you can do whatever you want with unlisted notes by looking for a value of unlisted in a note’s privacy level field and then doing whatever it is that needs to be done for those notes (e.g., filter them out of searches, show them in a different way/place in the app, etc).

Good question.

I guess what I am trying to establish with ‘unlisted ‘ is that anyone with access to link can see it but google and other search engines can’t crawl on it.

While specifying the requirements to you I figured one way to do that would be through the use of url parameter keys on private notes.

Does that make sense?

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