Creating searchbox using repeating group

Hello, I created a fuzzy search using a repeating group. Now I want to click the button on the right, so the value of that button would be placed to my input, how can I do that?

Hello, @nursultanmaidan
Thanks for reaching out.

As an option to implement this action within your application. allow me to recommend you to use the " Set state" action into your button’s workflow, where you need to create a Custom State.

Please find below my screenshots with steps for implementing your case :

  1. Create mentioned action for the Button:

  2. As a placeholder in your Input, please set created state:

  3. Please set conditions for the input ( for each value in your repeating group separately, in our case only 2):

Implementing these steps, you will be able to press your Button in the repeating group and to display the selected value in the Input, as was requested.

Hope my answer will help you.
Zeroqode Support Team


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