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Creating Things spread over different pages

I have three input fields on my first page, then one extra input field on the next page:

page 1:

Input - Car brand
Input - Car Model
Input -Year Built

page 2:

Input - Color Car

I would like to create 1 thing only with a unique ID, merging the input of the two pages. Right now whenever I try to create something I end up with two different things created on the two different pages.

Any help is very welcome, thanks!

Ok i hope i got it right: On the first Page you have a button triggering a workflow for “create new thing”. So my understanding is that you only need to modify the new thing in the 2nd step on page 2? That means your button on page 2 should trigger a “make changes to a thing” workflow. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that when you open the second page you must send the information about the newly created thing to the next page, otherwise the form on page 2 doesn’t know into which thing it needs to store the new information.

If you are trying to build a multistep form i believe it is much easer to do it within a single page, only by hiding and showing different groups with different forms for every step.

Cheers J

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You´re a legend, I have been struggling with it for the last couple of hours haha.

As I understand from you it makes more sense to just keep everything on one page (because of number of workflows/speed of website etc.)? Or is this just your personal preference?

Thanks again!

I think its much easier in terms of data handling. Also there is no page loading all the time. And you can even do nice transition animations between form steps.

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I did as you suggested which makes sense to me as well actually, just was wondering one thing:

When someone refreshes the page they will be back again at the beginning of the form, which is not what I would like to happen actually. How do you prevent this?

Have a field under the User type to bookmark the step they’re on. Whether this is a number or text value, every time they move to a new step, make a change to current user > “bookmark” = current step. Then, on page load, show the appropriate group based on current user’s bookmark.


Really great, thanks! That solves the issue I had with is indeed.

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Hi Roman, I got the idea of the bookmark system, great. How can I make sure that when using with a form, spread over three different groups, the info entered in for example group 1 and 2 is saved when refreshing the page while at group 3 already.

Group 1 you fill in your name, group 2 you fill in your age, group 3 you are about to fill in your favorite color when you realize you entered the wrong age. When using the go-back bottom of the browser I imagine you will loose the information you have entered up until then because the workflow of submiting your data hasn`nt been executed yet?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Timon, I just got started with Bubble and actually need the same functionality as you do.
How did you manage to make changes to the database entry you created on question 1? When I use the "make changes to thing’'command I can’t find the entry…

I really like the bookmark idea as well but actually have no clue how to set this up.
Love to hear from you!

Hi Tivano,

I still haven´t started on the part of the bookmarking but I´m getting there, will let you know once I start with it. Which question are you referring to with question 1? Hope I can be of any help, just let me know!

Now that I look over my question I could’ve been a bit more specific :smiley:
You said you had a set of questions on a page where answering the first questions creates a new entry in a database (‘create a new thing’ action). The following questions would then make changes to that entry (‘make changes to thing’ action). This is exactly where I’m going for but I’m having trouble with making changes to the entry.

1. Company Name: Create new ‘Company’, Company name = value ‘answer 1’.
2. Employees: Make changes to ‘Company’ …?

Hope you can help me out here.
Thanks in advance!

I think I got it.

What I decided to do know is to work with different groups on one page and show/hide groups after every part of the form.

I have a form with three parts, so finishing up the first part I press next, which triggers the workflow, element/hide part 1 and show part 2.

Same thing for part 2/´part 3, and with the button on part 3 you make a thing using all the inputs (your still on the same page so can select everything).

I did all that and am now working on the bookmark part to help the browser remember which groups to hide and which one to show when you refresh the page. I´ll finish that today so I´ll let you know.

Hope that answers your questions because I reaiize I´m doing it differentlý than you intended to do.

It’s exactly the same as I’m doing. I’ve got 5 groups that show/hide when clicking the button and added a progress bar to it as well.
It seems you currently create the thing at the last question (I did the same) but I guess it could be better to create a thing on the first question and make changes to it right?
Please let me know when you finished the bookmark. Love to use this as I’ll be creating a form with questions who shouldn’t be answered immediately so users should be able to come back.

I just asked a question aboút it in another topic´/thread whatever it is called, hopefully someone can help us a bit further then:

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