Updating Thing on mutli step form


I have a 4 stage form that walks a user through the process of setting up a listing. This is a single page, but with groups that are workflow’d to appear and disappear as the user progresses through the listing creation process.

In step 0 (Intro), I have a workflow to “Create a new thing” but after that I can’t see how to update the thing using either workflows or auto binding.

I suspect that I will have to use the “Set State” functionality. However, I have groups of things 4-5 levels deep. How would I set the state for all groups on a page?

Is there another way to approach this?

I have created a read only version of the create_service page here

Thanks for your help!


If you create thing in the 1st step, you have action Make changes to thing… to use in the next step. As the thing to change use Result of the step 1, 2… etc
That’s if you have one workflow.

If it’s really by one group but not one workflow - create thing, show 2nd group - update thing, and so on - then yes, you can for example create a state (one!) just to hold the thing created in the first step and then use it as source thing/search for next groups’ inputs. Inputs will be empty when showing groups the first time but autobinding should work if set properly.

Hey Jakubdab,

I’ve taken the second approach you have listed. I am unsure as to how to apply a state to the page for the service that was just created… Below is one of the many variations i’m trying… Can you descrive how I should set it up?

Thanks for your help!

I’m on the phone and haven’t seen your app, the image is also not well visible for me but I would try the following approach:

  1. Group 1’s state : new_something
  2. Button Next workflow: step 1 create thing, step 2 set new_something to result of step 1, step 3 hide group, step 4 show group 2…
  3. Group 2’s and others thing: group 1’s new_something
  4. All inputs source: parent group’s thing OR group 1’s new_something
  5. Autobinding on on all inputs (but that will save to thing without clicking next) or
    5b next button on each group with workflow: Make changes to thing and setting appropriate fields then hiding current group and showing next

Is it possible to set a page state for this? or do I need to set the state for each group in the signup flow?

Just one state. On any object visible to others: page, one of the groups, etc. One is enough, then you use it in searches or assigning source to other objects.

ok so i want to set the state of the page to the current service that has been created, however bubble keeps showing red whenever I try and set this. It looks like it needs something else as it goes red whenever I select the value state “As a result of step 1”…

It can get complicated quite quickly if you store it all in states and want to go back and edit. Plus you lose data if they refresh the page.

My preferred method is to create the thing up front with a state of “draft”. Then autobind as you go along.

The final “Save” button just updates the Status to “Done”. This also means you can offer a “Save for later” button.

Then in the rest of your app, you filter out anything that is not in “Done” status.


@fun, you did set the state as Text, so you need to put something being text there (id, name, etc) and then doing searches basing on it.
If you change the current_service state type to your Service type instead of text - then you can play directly on the service created.

@NigelG that’s exactly what Fun doesn’t know how to do… And to pass a created object - you need 1 state or other mechanism. I agree - having plenty of them doesn’t make any sense.

Sorry, don’t want to muddy the waters :slight_smile:

No worries, it’s all about sharing and I’m ust trying to help with basic things. Like the question above - why Fun can’t set the state to the result of step 1… Because it’s type is different :wink:
I shared my opinion how to do it with just one state (not plenty) and after that I don’t want to analyze his app and why he put all the states there, etc unless he comes with another question :wink:

Hi Nigel,

I was hoping you would weight in on this one.

What you described is exactly what I was going for. I have the thing being created in Step 1, and then set the state of the page to the current thing (I think). Below is my current set up


Page set up

Second step group

Judging by the red text being thrown at me, in the Set state workflow, I am guessing this is where I need to make changes… not sure what to put there though…

Any ideas?


What is the error that is coming up ?