Creating Typewriter Effect on Bubble [TUTORIAL]

Hey Bubble Community,

I’ve released another Bubble tutorial today. I noticed there were a few paid/free plugins for adding a typewriter effect. It is actually really easy to implement without a plugin and can literally be done in a minute using a custom javascript package. Because of that I decided to do this tutorial on how to implement the effect.

Here’s the tutorial covering how to do this in detail:

Hopefully it helps a few people out and limits the need to use lot’s of plugins.

If you have any tutorials you would like to see, post here and let me know.


Good video, shirt and sweet :pray:t3:

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Great Stuff love simple short demos!

So quick might just throw it somewhere in my app for the fun of it

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Thanks Devin. Its always best to just get straight into it.

Exactly, it’s just that easy to do. Copy, Paste, Edit, Done.

Nice tutorial. I like that it didn’t require any plugins.

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Thanks Karim. I usually do my best to limit the need of plugins when developing applications.

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