Help: how to create a typing carousel

Good morning,
So, I’m in the final stages of deploying an application with Bubble, and I’d like to create a typing carousel such as

It should be pretty simple, as the code is already built. I’m just having trouble making the JS portion loads.

Would anyone kindly help?

Yes! I’m sure others will take this task on too but I’m gonna add this to my tool kit today I will make a plug-in and share it later!

The race is on :joy: :running_man:

I’m wondering if you’ve searched thru the forum though? I am going to do this for fun in for the the practice but I think that there’s probably a plug-in already built that accomplishes this.

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Thanks Jared!! Let me know once you have you have it done and I’ll make sure to rate you 5stars :slight_smile:

Thanks Jici… Well I do think that 19 bucks for a simple plugin is sort of overpriced. But appreciate the prompt response.

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It’s in the works! V1 will be out on Friday.

Here’s an ugly preview



Loved it! :heart: @jared.gibb
Will be wanting patiently :rofl:

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There’s also the Typescript plugin, which works well

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Waiting on plugin approval now! I just submitted but you could try it beforehand if you share an appID

See the effect here

I’d love to.
I’m still sort of new to bubble. Is my app ID its link?
If so,

Plugin is looking solid!

check out the preview!

i did come across two other plugins like this. it doesnt hurt to have variety but i already am considering pulling mine from being published.

did you see the others in the plugin options? search for typewriter

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Yep, I found it too.
Typewritter is fine, however it it would be good if a plugin could support FIXED TEXT + TYPING TEXT.

To use typewritter I should manualy adjust the typing block in front of another text block with the fixed sentence. It would be nice if I could manage a Fixed sentence + typing effect at same block/atribute.

Believe that’s a good opportunity for your plugin.

Not sure if you understood what I mean. If not, let me know…


Already implemented!

Right now I’m just waiting on bubble approval

The plug-in will support

Fixed text + dynamic text w/ typing effect

Prefilled text input with typing effect

Simple typewriter text div with type effect on all text

Oh yes! You made life easier :rofl:

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Now there will be a simple and complex effect. Both will display static + dynamic text. Complex will allow for fancy effects.

Simple will allow for chaining only

It’ll be on sale for 3$ Asap

Thanks @jared.gibb
Big Help! Will be buying it first thing tomorrow :slight_smile:

:man_facepalming: my demo had the word poop. I had to resubmit. DM me your app and I’ll add it for now until I get approved if you’d like!

I can wait. that’s fine. My app is yet far away from deployment. Let me know once approved.

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Here you go, it’s live!

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bought! :wink:

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