Creating User Customizable Buttons

I am designing a dashboard, that I would like to implement 15 customizable buttons to. The button placement is static, however, I want the titles of the button to change, and I want the page the button directs to, to change. Essentially, I want to replace the “placeholder” button, the button that brings the popup to the screen and allows you to choose which button you would like, to be replaced with the button type that they choose.

I am currently thinking I need to create a reusable element for each button type, and then stack all of them in each button location, and show/hide based on the results of the type of button they choose…save the type in the data set for each button, and then show/hide based on which title is saved in the database for that button

On page load

Popup when “Select Button” is chosen

What I would like to happen once “Add Button” is selected - which will then direct you to that page when the new button is clicked

I.E. - if the user chooses to set “Employee Management” as button one, when they save their selection it will save the title “Employee Management” to the organization database Button 1 field - which will then queue Button 1 Group to hide all buttons but the “Employee Management” button.

This process seems a bit labor intensive, so was curious as to if there was a more efficient way to make this happen.

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Have you considered using dynamic page routing? You could then just pass a custom state to each one?

  • are all the button options defined? so they could be an option set?"


I have not defined them as option sets. Although I did have the thought. I wasn’t too sure on how that would work.

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That’s the approach I would take to make it simple.
On the users profile you could have a list of 20 datatype “buttons” and each of those button objects has an Order number value and a “destination” value which would be the option set.

Does that make sense?

Yeah, I am picking up what you are putting down

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