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Creating VCF file

Hi there,

I’m quite new to Bubble. But really love the platform.

Do you know if there is a way to let Bubble generate a .vcf file from the contact data in the database?

We are building a contact data sharing app.

Thnx for your help.

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Did you solve this problem?

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hi @gijs, @Jacob,

This is actually a very relevant question. I also would like to generate a vcf file from my bubble app and share it to others via sms/email or save it on my address book. Is this possible with bubble?

@levon, @emmanuel , is there a plugin for this use-case? I’d like to do more stuff with my address book (e.g. store new contacts from my bubble app to address book, import contacts from address books to my bubble app)

thanks a lot.

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I have the same problem. Is anyone can please solve this problem?