Creating whatsApp clone workflow problem help

Okay so… I hope i explain this okay.
here is the data base:


The workflow i need help with is creating a new chat
So they type in the phone number here
Here is the workflow:
This creates a chat and I want there to add the users that will be in the chat:

Only peace of data I have to look for this user is the phone number so i search for users with a constraint of the contact number = inputs number and then there will only be one user so I just put random number.

When this is put into practice here are the screen shots for some reason it cant find a user:

My first thought was that it was looking for user in the chat → user

but i don’t think it is because it shows the the data types not fields here:

Check your privacy rules.

Privacy rules apply to the User dataType. This probably means that user’s phone numbers are not publicly visible, so you cant search through users using phone numbers as constraints.
This is generally a good thing, as you dont want to expose people’s phone numbers to everybody, it would be huge vulnerability.

For now, you can just change/remove your privacy rules to get your app working.

In the future i would advise using an API workflow in the backend which ignores privacy rules, searches for the user with the correct phone number and adds him to the Chat.

Maybe also worth checking whether the phone number in the database is actually formatted the same as the number you are using in the search.

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