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Creation of Team or Business Accounts and User Account Groups

HI, I’m new to Bubble, but I have a number of fairly "simple’ apps I want to build. Most of these rely on having teams or account groups. So for example, one of these is a simple project management tool that will require a Team Administrator and team members. So my question is, how would I enable a user to register as the Team Admin, then they would invite other users to join that account (team) ? Is this even possible?

Moving on from this, another app idea I have is that one “business user” can have an account page and allow their customers to join/sign up to their account.

Really grateful for all or any help!!! or even just a pointer to more resources and tutorials!!!

Thanks again

Hello and welcome Tony_K :slight_smile:

Yes, both of those scenarios are perfectly do-able in Bubble.

You can “invite” team members by having the Team Admin create the users themselves using a Bubble Action, and then sending a modified password reset email to set their password.

Having a business user signup page, and allowing customers to sign up to that particular page could be done by customising the user sign up process to allow for that user to be allocated to a particular business user as a data field on the user. Then when they login again, you can redirect them to the relevant page.

Plenty of people who can help, so do the tutorials and have a play.


Hi Nigel, and thank you for the welcome. :slight_smile:

This is Brilliant news !!! Thanks again for taking the time to answer, Nigel!

Very excited now. Very!!!

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I am fairly new as well. I can tell you this place has a great community, with people that are awesome coaches and there are some really good tutorials you can find on Udemy and to name the top two off my head. Poke around the forum and as they say - “you’re not going to break it”.


Thank you Proust007 I’ll give those resources a look! Thank you