Croppie does not save cropped size photo



I have an original photo file in database at 1000 x 1000 .
I use croppie to load it on screen at 140 x 140 as seen on screenshot above Urgent tick box.( Pls ignore second larger photo )

I now want to save it on the database as 140 x 140 but the plug in does not seem to do this. However I am able to save croppie’s original resolution as 1000 x 1000 but I do want to save it at smaller size.

What am I doing wrong please?

The following works ok:

But this one does not save anything:

Croppie has some dedicate actions you use for saving.


Then use this event listener to detect when it is saved.


Then you can save the result image to the database (or anywhere else, like a custom state)


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