[SOLVED] Cropper - Cut and Compress Images

As hard as I try I can not save the image to my DB. Can anyone see where I am going wrong?

Hey @darren.james7518,

It should work now (remember to login as user [email protected] using f.i. Run as, otherwise there is no user for step 4).

What will happen now:

  1. You upload an image
  2. You crop the image and press “Finish Cropping”, this triggers the workflow you previously made:

  1. When the cropper is finished, event Cropper-plugin Cropped is triggered (automatically):

  1. When the save action is finished, the event Cropper-plugin is saved is triggered (automatically), which now has an action to update the current user:


Wowzers @gerbertdelangen that’s perfect! Thank you for editing the app and providing step by step screenshots. Very very grateful!

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