Croppie Extended styling ideas?

Hey there!
I was looking for a plugin that would allow my users to crop their uploaded images and save the edited file to the database. I several plugins and croppie extended fit the best for my purposes. Unfortunatly the styling of croppie isn’t very good as you see here.

I looked arround in their demoeditor and couldnt find a way to give it a better style (e.g. other text in the middle of the upload field, other color of the upload field,…)
I also wrote a email to the plugin devs but sadly didnt get an answer.
Now my question is, if anybody know if its possible to give it a style somehow?
I could think of two workarround were I lay a group with a styling on top of croppie but I dont think it will be clickable after that. The other workarround I was thinking of would need a workflow to trigger the uploadprocess of croppie.
If anybody has an idea on what I can do to get a styling to this plugin I will be very thankfull!

Thanks in advance for any answers!