Image Cropper and uploader

I am in need of something better than the free croppie plugin, specifically what I mean by better is one that doesn’t have bugs and the plugin developer is consistently active and fixing issues or responding to emails etc.

I know using free plugins you get what you pay for, so not much to complain about except that it is pretty essential to my app to have a working solution for cropping images, as well as changing the file names and accessing image data such as size and url.

Does anybody have any experience with the other paid image cropper plugin

Or are there more available besides the two I find searching “crop” in the plugins?

Ideally there would be one available from a plugin developer that has a long standing reputation on bubble that I could be sure I am making a solid investment in a paid plugin and any issues would be resolved.

The things that I like about the croppie plugin is that I can preset the ratio of the crop…I don’t want to let users decide how to crop the image as I am wanting to set the ratio based on the ratios used to display the images later throughout the app. It is essential that I can preset a crop ratio. Another thing I like is that it automatically brings up the cropping tool, so a user knows they must crop the image prior to setting the image to be uploaded.

I also like that when the image is “uploaded” after selection it has not yet actually been saved to the database.

Hello Boston;

I recommend you try BDK uploader, I use it and it’s very good.

The other option is the plugin that is published today, yes, no crop feature is added, but this feature can be added with Transloadit . Maybe you could ask @jon2 who made it.

PS: I didn’t compare the prices of Uploadcare and Transloadit, I don’t know which is advantageous.

I use BDK UPLOADER. Only downside is it requires a subscription to Uploadcare.

@eli @eren
Thanks for the replies. I message Gaurav with some questions about the plugin to see if it has the functionality I am looking for. One of the main drawbacks I noticed was the Uploadcare subscription which gets pricey quickly.

I’ll check out the new plugin, I hand’t noticed it earlier.

I’m still going to try and find ways to work around issues with croppie in the meantime as I have used it extensively already in my project and am hesitant to re-do those areas…I hope I can find out how to use the croppie workflow action

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 12.39.58 AM

and what kind of errors trigger the error to be acknowledged

If you set a text element to “croppie’s error message”, you can see what kind of errors you can use for the event you’re talking about (if you can generate an error). Max. file size works, but there is already a separate event for it.

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That will be helpful to put together a popup or redirect in case of error and give the user an idea of the issue to notify me of.

Hey @boston85719, I just saw this post and not sure if you found a solution – I built a similar plugin that might enable you to do what you’re looking to do (e.g. it enables you to upload an image, rotate, resize, and move it within the canvas to crop the sides). Sharing a link to my FabricJS plugin in case it’s helpful for you!

Let me know if you have any feedback! Always trying to improve the plugin and I am more than happy to accommodate for your requests.


Just read this thread and I feel our product CropGuide might be a suitable alternative.

CropGuide works with the default Bubble file upload field so there’s no need to use a third-party file upload service. We’ve also published a Bubble plugin to make integration as easy as possible.

For more information see the CropGuide thread on this forum

Happy to answer any questions!