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Croppie Workflow Bug

@mishav loving Croppie, but having an issue I can’t figure out. Can you or anyone else out there take a look?

I’m using the Croppie Plugin to upload a profile pic for the current user.

Everything is working fine, except I basically have to hit the “save” button twice before it will update the associated field. When I hit the finish button with the SAVE workflow, the profile pic field goes blank. if hit the button again, it will update with the last saved croppie pic… so confused!

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well, i THOUGHT i had solved it by putting a puase in the workflow.

So, when i run the test, what i’m seeing is that with the pause, the interface will update the pictures that are set to display dynamic content with the current user profile pic. But, when i watch the data screen as its happening, the first time i click to save/update (finish button), the current profile pic in teh DB disappears (even though the new pic is displayed on the interface). The second time I click, it updates and everything matches.

Suggestions? Having a “save” nd then “done” button seems to fix things, but it makes for a very counter-intuitive interface that I think will just cause its own set of user errors.

I had a similar issue, and solved it by setting a workflow "when croppie is saved -> make changes to user.

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The “Save” workflow action tells the Croppie element to start the upload of the picture to Bubble’s amazon S3. This happens asynchronously, i.e. the workflow doesn’t wait for the upload to finish. When it has finished, Croppie triggers an event “saved”, at which time you can pick up the S3’s URL and save it on your bubble database record.

Yes, this is the correct way to use it, …

Hopefully it all makes sense now!


Thanks, @pnodseth & @mishav!

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