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Crypto + Bubble

Are you interested in learning more about Crypto? Are you a Bubble developer wanting to tinker in Crypto, not sure where to start?

Planning on hosting a virtual meet up for anyone interested in October. Let us know if you are interested below and we’ll include you :slight_smile:


Definitely interested :wink:

count me in

I just might show up in a Halloween costume :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I look forward to meeting and geeking out with you all!


YES! :wave:

Hey, count me in for this meetup.

yep, really interested

Thanks for the all the replies! I’m setting up a Survey form to understand timezones to coordinate a time that works well for most people.

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Hi @nextbillioncreators , I missed meetup. Any recording available?


@nextbillioncreators . Please count me in on the next one. Meanwhile would be happy to check the replay if recordings are available.