"CryptoJS is not defined" error

Hello, I’m new to Bubble. I am creating a simple code that includes a piece of JavaScript code. The code is embedded in HTML element and performs a simple MD5 conversion based on the variable that I declared. I have imported the library of CryptoJS which should help me on this. Example:

So far, I’m encountering the error of “CryptoJS is not defined”. Can you give me a possible reason why is this happening? or any alternative library?

Thank you in advance and hope to find some answers :slight_smile:

As for my research, the CryptoJS is used on the server side and not possible on the client side.
Here is the result of my research:
“Performing MD5 encryption directly on an HTML element within the Bubble Editor isn’t possible because HTML elements are used for rendering content and structure within a webpage, not for executing code or performing computations like encryption.”

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