CSS HTML JS Is it possible on bubble?

Is it possible to add this to my bubble web application.

Like what elements/plugins do I need Im confused?


You could either user a JS/HTML element or build a plugin. Plugin would allow for more sophisticated setup.

Please let us know if you need any help :slight_smile:

Toolbox plugin to run Javascript
Classify plugin to have your own CSS
Custom HTML is already built-in with HTML Elements

Welcome to Bubble :slightly_smiling_face: :call_me_hand:

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LOL I just checked out your plugin hahah what a coinncidence your here, Im a bit new to this, but im just a bit confused how to use your plugin, i enabled that thing in general tab now im lost :frowning:

yeah, im looking to use this plugin but im wondering if its possible to rearrange the objects on the music player in html or no

Take the time to read the usage information I provided to understand the syntax… I did my best to make it as clear as possible

Possible, just depends how much time or money you are ready to spend…

well first Im trying to see if I can get it working, im takling to @julienallard1

I actually used your plugin yesterday for the first time - Quick and easy! Thank you!

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You think you can help me figure out how to use his plugin maybe a quick video you can send me.

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