Codepen to Bubble Plugin


I found some intresting stuff written in JS on codepen which I would like to use on my Bubble project. Is it possible to use it as for example custom Bubble plugin?

Fosho! I have copied several codepen projects into plugins!!

Ok, perfect! But, how you accomplish this? I am starting learning JS and its not clear for me. As I saw on codepen we have seperated html, css and JS code. But on Bubble plugin creator its not look the same. Could you provide me some more infor how to “translate” it?

I can try to help a bit

Almost all of your work will be done in js or jQuery. You can append html elements so you could do this too. instance.canvas.append('<div></div>')

Css as well can be done in the header, imported as a style sheet, applied inline or with jquery/JavaScript

To get started I would check out plugins and their code to get a sense of what’s going on

Photo carousel plugin

The project on github

Or this Other plugin

And it’s parent project


This is exactly what I need to see! Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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