CSS - Insert an image right after a dynamic text

I would like to add a “verified” badge after users’ usernames
But when you do that on bubble, because of how responsiveness works, the gap between the username and the badge will change and give a poor result.
I know that CSS (with ID attribute and a HTML element) allow you do to achieve such result but I have been unable to find what to write to achieve such thing.
Does anyone know that ?

Thank you very much!!!

This is a question related to this problem htts://forum.bubble.io/t/how-to-append-an-image-to-the-end-of-a-text-element/8806/19 in which I haven’t found the CSS code to do so.

I up it so maybe someone who knows how to do so can answer. I got messages from people who struggle jut like me.

Bump! Having the same problem. Essentially we want to connect a symbol/image to appear after a dynamic text (which can be short or long).

The solution of using a fontawesome symbol doesn’t apply here.

Looks like @romanmg did that in 2016 but the link she posted doesn’t have the HTML element in it anymore:

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