Image inside of text element

Can I insert an image inside of a text element?

For example: something like twitter does with their verification badge?

Yea you can either use the Rich Text Editor/BBCode which is built into Bubble’s text Elements or use the HTML Element. The rich Text Editor kinda does everything for you but if you use html then it would look like the following:

    Here is an image
    <span><img src=""></img></span>

yeah that’s pretty much what I get. So I need to use the html element then?

That’s how I would do it. And googling HTML how to’s seems to be a lot more reliable than googling BBCode. But also with the new responsiveness you can just group a text and an image and they will always stay together but if you are trying to add an image into the middle of texts for like a logo or something then html would be easier.

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Sweet. Thank you for your help William!

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