CSS Tools moving page

I am using the CSS tools plugin to be able to add a scrollbar to a groupfocus and I am having some issues with it.

For one, when I first add the scrollbar to the element


It is not responding to the height or the width settings…however it does respond to the border and overflow setting…The fact that it doesn’t respond to the height or width settings causes me to utilize the CSS tools change over time function

The problem now is that when I trigger the workflow with a button press this happens


Any ideas as to why the page and all elements on it move to the left…this seems like it is causing my page to resize instead of just the element.

The desired result of running this workflow is to have the entire page unchanged and only change the height and width of the groupfocus so that I can add a basic scrollbar to the groupfocus so the content inside of it is scrollable, instead of having it expand to fit all the text.

My actual use case is for a search results display of multiple data types from my app ( basically an app wide search ) but I am unable to find a working solution to add a scrollbar to a groupfocus.

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I am attempting to just use HTML but for some reason it is not responding to the height settings either

One good thing is that at least the HTML is adding the scroll bar

IF ONLY I could get the groupfocus to accept the height and width settings

@jarrad just curious if you know if this is a documented issue with the plugin that when the css tools workflow for change element size over time the entire page is pushed to the far left of the browser window and the element that is getting resized stays in it’s original location and therefore not aligned as it should be?

Is there a way to make it so that the entire page doesn’t move and instead only the element getting the css tools workflow has it’s size changed?

Specifically this occurs when I am applying the change to a group focus